ARC 1 CNC is a “Made in USA” company that has been in the business of building quality equipment and long-term relationships for nearly 40 years! Located in Texas, we understand what it takes to design, manufacturing equipment, and most importantly, what works for our customers. When you call us, a real person will pick up the phone, one that can speak with you and answer all your questions. Knowing what you need is our primary goal to help you make an informed decision by understanding what is important to you. However, we won’t stop there, if you need something we cannot offer, we will direct you to one of our partners, together we will help you find what you need to make your business, organization, or home project more successful.
After years of working in manufacturing, supplying some of the highest quality products using CNC and robotic automated systems, we decided to focus our efforts on supplying the very best of equipment to our customers. Our machines are built here in the US and proven over many years, in many markets. You can spend more on other equipment for sure, but if you have a budget, we can help you get started and select the right machine that is ready to operate with continued support to grow your business.
We here at ARC1CNC understand the value of small business and what it takes to get up and running, let us help you spend your money wisely and enjoy the returns on your investment. No matter what your needs are we are here for you to help you make a good sound business decision.

Our Story ……
Beginning in 1980 in Irving Texas, our team of engineers began working with Rare Metals, a startup company producing optical grade lenses used in Inferred Imaging technology for the US military. Our involvement was to design and build equipment not yet commercially available. Our machining equipment was used to produce germanium metal, a rare silver-colored semiconductor, milled and ground into finished lenses that were used on sophisticated US defense systems.
This led us to working in the manufacturing of high-tech vacuum systems designed and built for metallizing highly reflective surfaces suppling the aircraft manufactures from Boeing and Airbus, eventually, we supplied NASA’s shuttle program. After NASA’s launch of the fatal Columbia mission of 2003. In 2005 NASA launched the Discovery Shuttle, our team designed and built equipment for the assembly of high heat mirrors used to prevent ice from forming during prelaunch. These specially designed mirrors were used to focus a beam of light heating couplings could ice-over during prelaunch; the root cause of Columbia’s failure. The mirror systems used for the next launch of Discovery was a huge success and prevented damage to the shuttle allowing the craft to re-enter earth’s atmosphere and land safely.
Recently, at the direction of Elon Musk of Tesla, another of our team’s collaborative efforts was to help on Telas’s Model X vehicle. From design prototypes, production fixtures, to producing actual finished parts used on the interior of the Model X. The goal was to produce a lightweight solution for the original design made of metal and replace that with an esthetically pleasing and durable high-tech lightweight plastic. Our team built and assembled automation lines using robotics to produce parts being used today on Tesla’s Vehicles. This same team is the highly experienced team that builds every ARC1 CNC machine we offer today.

We stand ready to serve and support you in your creative efforts to build and grow your own business, you’re not alone, we are here for you! Call us today @ 1-903-316-6684.