What Comes with Your New CNC Machine

  • Complete System Comes Ready to Operate
  • Simply Plug and Play
  • Each system includes everything you need to begin.
  • A computer and software configured and tested to operate your new CNC machine. An equipment stand that allows for safe operation and control of your process, and a set of easy to follow instructions.

Hypertherm 45 comes with every machine.

powermax 45(upgrades available)

System Requirements
Table and Controls require (1) 110 -120V AC 1- phase outlet
45XP Plasma Unit requires (1) 200 - 240V AC 1- phase outlet
(Larger Hypertherm Plasma Units May Require Additional Power)


Controller & Monitor Included

  • Our system comes with a Dell Desktop Computer and Stand for Safe storage and operation of your plasma cutting process.
  • Loaded with Intel I3 Duo Core Processor 4 Gigabytes DDR4 SDRAM Memory
  • 500 Gigabyte Hard Drive with (4) - USB 3.1 (2 front/2 rear)
  • 1 - RJ-45 Ethernet port and 1- HDMI Display Port, adaptor for HDMI to VGA.
  • 19" LED Computer Monitor, a USB Keyboard, and Optical Mouse
  • Loaded with Windows 10 Professional, 64-bit OS fully interfaced and tested with Customer's Machine before you turn it on

Software Included

Arc1CNC Control Software

  • Control system comes loaded on computer with Mach3
  • Allows direct import of DXF, BMP, JPG, and HPGL files
  • Visual Gcode display on your monitor to track cutting in progress
  • Customizable M-Codes and Macros using vbscript
  • Fully customizable interface Generates G-code via lazyCam or G-wizard
Also Included

SignTorch Super Bundle

  • 4,321 Vector Art Designs
  • 5 Vector Formats: AI,CMX,EPS,SVG & DXF Clip Art for CNC CAD CAM



HyperTherm ProNest® LT Nesting CAD/CAM software

  • Drawing and Nesting program designed for lightindustrial, mechanized cutting and production environments, intuitive and easy to use
  • Integrated 2D CAD program to create and edit CAD files Variable Shape Parts
  • Vast library to develop common parts from templates and artwork to use and modify to your specific dimensions
  • Material database (with grade and gauge) Data information
  • Custom remnant creation (define irregular shapes for nesting)
  • Access to Hypertherm’s tech service engineers is included at no additional charge

Features of Our Machine

Every Machine Includes:

Fully welded Frame No Assembly Needed

Fully welded frame

Machine Ground Rails with V-Grove Barings

Vgroove Wheel

Magnetic Breakaway to Protect Plasma Torch

Laser Alignment for accurate torch alignment

Laser Pointer

Accuracy +- .002” Repeatability +- .005”

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Additional Items Included

Hypertherm Powermax45 XP Mechanized Consumables Kit

consumables kit

A Complete assortment of Standard and fine cutting Tips

assorted tips

A 1-micron filter to protect plasma cutting system against contaminated air, water, and moisture from compressed air lines.

HyperthermAirFiltrat 498x498

Blow-Thru open Table with rails - * Upgrade Water Table is available


Upgrade Water Table pictured here.

Hypertherm Powermax 45XP Plasma Power Unit Pictured Here

powermax 45Optional Larger Power Units are available at Additional Cost for the following units:

  • Powermax 65
  • Powermax 85
  • Powermax 105
  • Powermax 125

Add-On Options

Plasma Water Bed

upgraded waterbed

  • A Plasma Water Table Upgrade reduces smoke, increases consumable life, and improves your cutting performance.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor “Plasma Green 1050” added to your water table tray prevents equipment from rusting, bacteria growth, and odors.
  • Please see our website for information on the benefits by adding
    this option to your new plasma cutting system.

2-Day Onsite Training

Although many customers do not require training ARC1CNC offers Installation and Operator Training. This can be very helpful if you’re not familiar with CNC operations. This is available at anytime however, should you consider training and or installation we advise you request this at the time you place your order.

Training Services Include:

  • Minimum 2 Full Days of Hands on Instruction
  • Installation Check and Controller Setup
  • Software - Mach3 & Hypertherm ProNest LT
  • Plasma Table safe operation & maintenance
  • Plasma Torch Assembly and maintenance
  • (THC) Torch Height Control Operation
  • Magnetic Torch Breakaway crash avoidance
  • Specific instruction on customer project